Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Kerry Refuses To Concede Ohio


Brit Hume on Fox News just read a statement from Kerry Campain Manager Mary Beth Cahill. She states that Kerry expects to win Ohio.

Hmmm. With 90% of the vote in and Bush holding a 130,000 vote lead, that looks doubtful.

Black Knight: Ohhh, had enough, eh?
Arthur: Look, you stupid *******, you've got no arms left!
Black Knight: Yes I have!
Arthur: LOOK!!!
Black Knight: Just a flesh wound! (kicking Arthur again)
Arthur: Look, STOP that!
Black Knight: Chicken!!! Chicken!!!!!!!
Arthur: Look, I'll have your leg!
(The Black Knight continues his kicking)
Arthur: RIGHT! (He chops off the black knight's leg with his sword)
Black Knight: (hopping) Right! I'll do you for that!
Arthur: You'll *WHAT*?
Black Knight: Come 'ere!
Arthur: (tiring of this) What're you going to do, bleed on me?
Black Knight: I'm *INVINCIBLE*!!!
Arthur: You're a looney....
Black Knight: The Black Knight ALWAYS TRIUMPHS! Have at you!!

(NOTE: If you have never seen Monty Python And The Holy Grail and thus have no idea what the above is all about, go here.)


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