Tuesday, November 02, 2004

4:00 Pm Election Advisory From The Hedgehog War Room


4:00 P.M.

Comfort Food Monitor:
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The Hedgehog War Room will be watching Brit Hume and Chris Wallace on Fox News. Brit Hume is one of the few, old-fashioned, well-trained, uncompromising Washington insiders left in television news today. For the plain truth, get his analysis first.

Hedgehog will be flipping between NBC and CNN for worst case scenarios. CNN is not going to want to call Ohio for Bush...assuming the Gods prevail....until that cable network really has to....because that means the party's probably over. Use your channel changer for the best coverage. The Drudge Report, often considered the first in political breaking news, is promising that this will be a long night, and not a big win for either.

Political on-liners should also check out Powerline on line for the latest in internet election news, as well as trusting the Hedgehog for what this all means.

To the 5,000 new readers who have joined Hedgehog Central this week, we thank you for your interest and support. Make sure everyone you know, and everyone you know to call, has VOTED. The votes in the state of California are crucial to both candidates. Don't be discouraged by the televised election calls for other states. California and Hawaii will come in last, but our electoral and popular votes are critical.

Who can you still call?

Ohio is ten minutes away from polls closing. No network will call it, but exit polling results may begin to show trends in the national vote to come.

Sonja Eddings Brown


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