Tuesday, November 02, 2004

9:00 P.M. Election Update From The Hedgehog Central War Room


9:00 P.M.

Hedghog Central Correspondent S.E. Brown was briefly unable to report due to an anxiety attack, but returns to our live blog at this late hour:

Comfort Food Monitor
Three kinds of pizza
Two varieties of root beer
1 Banquet chicken pie
Breyer's Rocky Road w/whip cream
(food not necessarily presented in above order)
1 M&M miniatures (kid size)
An accidental salad
1 sack Trader Joe's Cinammon Apple Rings

Fortunately, the voting in Florida has cemented for President Bush relieving previously debilitating concerns for this campaign observer. With 95% of all precincts reporting, Uncle Jeb seems to have delivered much more handily for his brother George this year. The sky will be the limit for his family Christmas wishes.

Ohio continues to count, but pollsters seem to be redeeming their dynamic, and seemingly unpredictable model outcomes in this close election. In other words, Bush seems on his way to a win shaped almost identically as the polls and this longtime campaign watcher had predicted.
It is likely that Bush may hit my predictions precisely and win by as much as a four point margin.

Overeating seems to be working, so no sense breaking the spell now.

Sonja Eddings Brown


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