Tuesday, November 02, 2004

6:25 A.M. Election Update From Hedgehog Central

Los Angeles- 6:25 A.M.

Protein Drink Starter

The flag has been raised at Hedgehog Central. In metro L.A. neighborhoods garage doors are throwing open and tables are already being set up at polling places. Rolling the time back has made the day lighter and a 7am start time more hospitable.Predictions are rampant on talkradio and newscable that turnout may exceed 60%. This reporter predicts 70%. While democratic strategists are boasting of huge voter registration gains since 2000, there is an inkling that today's unprecedented voter interest will surprise pundits. The parking lots of big city chapels in this Los Angeles area were packed with members preparing to be heard from on election day. Bush polticial director Karl Rove has given the figure of some 4 million conservative church-going voters who did not cast votes in the 2000 Presidential election. It is my guess that the real determining factor of today's crucial election will be the "values" issues, drawing out an overwhelming, undoubtedly passionate, ultimate majority of voters concerned as much about gay marriage, the future of the Supreme Court, and a hunger for character from America's future leadership, as they are terror.

-Sonja Eddings Brown


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