Tuesday, November 02, 2004

2:00PM Election Update From Hedgehog Central



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Ohio- News from the ground game. Bush operatives are feeling positive after churning outsome 500,000 pre-election phone calls in that state. The Kerry campaign is also boasting the most organized democratic get-out-the vote effort. All indications that Ohio will produce voter turnout of 73% percent or higher. Unprecedented. The turnout in Florida and Pennsylvania is anticipated to produce voter participation not seen since Kennedy/Nixon campaign of 1960. Today alone, the Bush campaign sent 10,000 ground workers door to door. Provisional ballots are being offered to Ohioans who have not received absentee ballots by mail. All efforts are being made to get the votes in by 7:30pm.

Interesting sidebar. This report was just interrupted by a phone call from the Bush campaign, wanting to know if the Brown family had gotten out to vote today. What does it say if the Bush campaign has enough volunteers and enough money to ALSO support an organized get-out-the vote campaign in CALIFORNIA?

Pollsters are naming 7:30p.m. eastern time as the first predictor of this evening's outcome in Ohio. Exit polling and early returns on key Senate races will send up flares about voter turnout. These tallies are the undoing of the West Coast voters, but no media outlet will withhold voting data, even if it is preliminary.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm pretty confident in a Bush victory tonight. As an Ohio resident and student at perhaps the most liberal university in the state... we held mock elections and Bush won that one with it being highly biased towards younger students.

I've heard of problems in Columbus, but I had no problem voting at all. I took my 7 year old daughter with me, who asked rather loudly while I was poking out chads... "Mom, do we know anyone stupid enough to vote for John Kerry?" Out of the mouths of babes :) 

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Tuesday, November 02, 2004 6:53:00 PM  

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