Tuesday, November 02, 2004

9:00A.M. Election Update From The Hedgehog Central War Room


Los Angeles - 9:00 A.M.

Comfort Food Monitor:
McDonald's Big Breakfast
Because of Positive Poll Data
Only Ate Half


Amidst rumors that some Pennsylvania ballot machines came conveniently PRE-LOADED with anywhere from 400 to 800 votes, and last minute national polling data showing a virtual unanimous two to four point lead for George Bush across the board, there is both room for concern and...hope.

Turnout is predicted to be at least 10% higher than in 2000.

A quick tour of key voting locations in metro Los Angeles showed a steady flow of voters...the working voters....professionals and working folks...no young adults to be seen. This correspondent cast her vote this morning. It was the first time in 20 years of voting in California that I ever had to wait in line to vote. This has got to be good for the country.

NBC News has generously created a phone service meant to assist disinfranchised voters. NBC's altruism would seem more genuine if the Today Show's website did not offer "Move On.Org" as a convenient link for its visitors. No other political website link is offered. The question of the week on the same Today website? "Is George Bush A Christian's Christian?"

Is it just me?

Recent polling data:

George Washington University : Bush up by 4%

CBS: Bush up by 2%

Zogby: A tie

Zogyby: Bush up by 6 in Ohio

Sonja Eddings Brown
Senior Hedgehog Political Correspondent


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