Monday, November 01, 2004

Exclusive Hourly Election Updates From The Hedgehog Central Newsroom


For all of our readers who have to earn a living, are travelling, or are in a state of anxiety on election day, the Hedgehog War Room will provide hourly election updates and summaries of today's ongoing news coverage and commentary. Beginning at noon, we will have our own embedded correspondent providing us hourly ground reports from Ohio unfiltered by any news organization or campaign spokesperson. So join our coverage while you work, add your own comments to our national coverage, as Hedgehog Central provides an overview of the constant rain of pundits, and electronic media coverage. Look for on the spot local reports from our Los Angeles Bureau as well. A "Comfort Food Confessional" will accompany our posts throughout the day to provide a truly candid and transparent picture of the mood of this vital political observer. Each of us must use whatever crutches are necessary to stay strong throughout the coming hours.

Get it first, get it fast, get it balanced, even get wishful thinking all day, from Hedgehog Central's War Room.

Sonja Eddings Brown
Senior Hedgehog Political Correspondent


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