Monday, November 01, 2004

One Last Pre-Election Thought


My little family and I had one of our regular Monday evening gatherings tonight, and I made a point of telling my two children who are still home about the miracle of Election Day in the United States of America.

Every four years for two hundred sixteen years now, the people of America have quietly gone to a polling place in their neighborhood and voted. For at least one hundred years of that time they have known they are electing the most important leader in one of the mightiest nations in the history of the world. This time, there is no doubt that America is not merely one of the mightiest, but is unsurpassed on Earth in blessings, power, and prestige.

So it is that the leadership of the USA is either confirmed or transferred to another leader. Yet the choice is made peacefully, calmly, almost religiously. No guns. No armed mobs. No threats of force or overthrow. No wondering whether the armed forces will respect the election.

We all take this for granted. After all, this is the way it has always been, the way it will always be. Isn't it?

Well, maybe not. But the matchless beauty of it all is that we have a choice about whether or not this miracle we call America remains a miracle. We are free men and women. It is up to us.

Whatever happens tomorrow, let's be sure we remember that.


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