Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Shelby Steele on Barack Obama

Shelby Steele crystallizes the Obama strategy:
[Obama's campaign is more cultural than political. He sells himself more as a cultural breakthrough than as a candidate for office. To be a projection screen for the cultural aspirations of both blacks and whites one must be an invisible man politically. Real world politics, in their mundanity, interrupt cultural projections. And so Mr. Obama's political invisibility -- a charm that can only derive from a lack of deep political convictions -- may well serve his cultural appeal, but it also makes him something of a political mess.

Already he has flip-flopped on campaign financing, wire-tapping, gun control, faith-based initiatives, and the terms of withdrawal from Iraq. Those enamored of his cultural potential may say these reversals are an indication of thoughtfulness, or even open-mindedness. But could it be that this is a man who trusted so much in his cultural appeal that the struggles of principle and conscience never seemed quite real to him? His flip-flops belie an almost existential callowness toward principle, as if the very idea of permanent truth is passé, a form of bad taste.

John McCain is simply a man of considerable character, poor guy. He is utterly bereft of cultural cachet. Against an animating message of cultural "change," he is retrogression itself. Worse, Mr. Obama's trick is to take politics off the table by moving so politically close to his opponent that only culture is left to separate them. And, unencumbered as he is by deep attachment to principle, he can be both far-left and center-right. He can steal much of Mr. McCain's territory.
It will be fascinating to watch this unfold. It seems to me that Obama's entire campaign is a house of cards. One major mistake by the candidate, or a successful thrust by McCain, could cause the whole thing to come down.

I am not optimistic. Both the news media and the stars do seem to be aligned for Obama. But we thought the same thing about Hillary Clinton, didn't we?


Blogger Captain Johnny said...


Seems you took a position years ago and haven't been able to think or elucidate objectively ever since.

I remember where we come from too and I draw very different life and race conclusions.

Such a bright guy -- Shelby, take a deep breath and come on home to who you really are!

You focus on your own notion of the Obama forest yet you see none of the hopeful or triumphant trees.
More heart and less cognitive and psychological distortion are the core of your formultations will fix that.

God Speed, John Powers, Thornton, 1963

Regards to Claude, sil-vous-plait.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008 7:59:00 AM  

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