Friday, July 11, 2008

Israeli Justice Ministry Announces New Fraud and Corruption Allegations Against Olmert

As reported in The Jerusalem Post, Israel's Justice Ministry today announced stuning new allegations of fraud and corruption by Prime Minister Ehud Olmert. The Justice Ministry accused Olmert of soliciting multiple sources to pay for identical trips abroad for him and his family, and then pocketing the excess funds. Morever, the Post reports, citing Israel Broadcasting's Channel 2, police investigating those charges have incriminating evidence, including multiple fictitious tax receipts and the testimony of at least one witness, probably an employee of the Rishon Tours travel agency.

The good news is that this should make it even more difficult for Olmert to remain Prime Minister. One only regrets that these scandals broke only after his government did so much damage to Israel, such as the Gaza withdrawal, the takeover of Gaza by Hamas, the shelling of Sderot, Ashkelon and other southern communities, the botched war in Lebanon, and the disastrous exchange agreement with Hezbollah to trade live captured Arab terrorist murderers for corpses.

The even better news actually comes from the Mishnah, Tractate Sotah, Chapter 9, Mishnah 15, which said that when the coming of Mashiach [the Messiah] is imminent, "the face of this generation will be as the face of a dog." Our Rabbis have taught that the "face" of a generation" means its leaders. With a Prime Minister like Ehud Olmert, Mashiach will surely reveal himself soon and in our day.


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