Sunday, July 13, 2008

Help Stop British Islamists From Silencing Blog Critic; Defend Harry's Place!

As reported by One Jerusalem:

Douglas Murray is a brilliant British writer and advocate for truth and justice. Being very effective at what he does he has been branded an enemy of British Muslims who want to impose Sharia Law on British society.

Murray has established a record of being willing to debate his opponents in public forums. You may remember that he partnered with Daniel Pipes in a debate with then London Mayor and Sharia apologist Ken Livingstone and a Muslim partner. So when he received an invitation to attend London's Islamic Expo which is sponsored by Muslim Brotherhood types he accepted (even though the deck was sacked against him.)

Now Murray has decided to withdraw because some of the Muslims involved in the Expo are trying to shut down Murray's blog, called Harry's Place, which has reported the truth about the radical Muslim community in the United Kingdom. They are using the British courts to silence their critics. If you are a blogger, you can help defend Harry's Place here.

This link takes you to Neoconstant [no relation]/Journal of Politics and Foreign Affairs, which is organizing a "blogburst" in defense of Harry's Place. Here is Neoconstant's explanation of the lawsuit against Doug Murray and the "Defend Harry's Place" project:

Harry’s Place, a UK blog dedicated to promoting the ideals of freedom and democracy, is being sued by Mohammed Sawalha, the President of the British Muslim Initiative, which has been linked to Hamas and the Islamic Brotherhood, both terrorist organizations. The blog reports that Mr. Sawalha, according to the BBC…

“master minded much of Hamas’ political and military strategy” and in London “is alleged to have directed funds, both for Hamas’ armed wing, and for spreading its missionary dawah”.

In their revelation of the impending lawsuit against them leveled by Mohammed Sawalha, they write:

Mr Sawalha claims that we have “chosen a malevolent interpretation of a meaningless word”. In fact, we did no more than translate a phrase which appeared in an Al Jazeera report of Mr Sawalha’s speech. When Al Jazeera changed that phrase from “Evil Jew” to “Jewish Lobby”, we reported that fact, along with the statement that it had been a typographical error.

Mr Sawalha has been the prime mover in a number of Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood associated projects. He is President of the British Muslim Initiative. He is the past President of the Muslim Association of Britain. He was the founder of IslamExpo, and is registered as the holder of the IslamExpo domain name. He is also a trustee of the Finsbury Park Mosque….

…Mr Sawalha says that the attribution of the phrase “Evil Jew” to him implies that he is “anti-semitic and hateful”. Notably, he does not take issue with our reporting of the revelation, made in a Panorama documentary in 2006, that he is a senior activist in the clerical fascist terrorist organisation, Hamas.

It looks like Harry’s Place is going up against some pretty top-notch lawyers on this one, and they’ve got guts, but as the post goes on to say:

If Mr Sawalha persists in attempting to silence us with this desperate legal suit, we will need your help.

We won’t be able to stand up to them alone.

This is why we’ve started this blogburst, to get the word out that we won’t let members of Hamas or any radical terrorist group censor us or any of our fellow bloggers.

If you’d like to add your site to the blogroll, simply email us at, and include your site’s URL.

Then copy and paste this (or write your own) entry into one of your posts. Future posts will be emailed to you. Thanks, and don’t forget to head over to Harry’s Place to show your support of their freedom of speech!

If you love freedom of speech and hate anti-Semitism and its radical Islamic propagators, join the fight to defend Harry's Place!


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