Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Israeli Medic On Tour Saves Arab Girl in Morocco

On the day of another horrific terrorist attack in Jerusalem, which took 3 innocent lives and injured 66 people, it is refreshing to read of a more hope-filled incident. The Jerusalem Post recounts how, in Morocco, Rachamim Amos, an Israeli medic on a desert tour left his bus when a turban-wrapped figure approached the tour group, begging for help. The Israeli, who speaks fluent Arabic, ignored the warnings of his tour guide and fellow tourists that this might be a ruse to rob or murder him, grabbed his medic kit, and followed the man hundreds of meters into the desert, where he came upon the scene of a collision of two jeeps, and a badly injured young girl. Quickly diagnosing that the girl had suffered a fracture of the femur, complicated by a rupture of her femoral artery, he staunched the flow of blood, stabilized the fracture, and gave the girl's father instructions on how to keep pressure on the ruptured artery for the four-hour ride to the nearest hospital.

The following day, Amos decided to visit the hospital to see how his young charge was faring. When he appeared, he was greeted with shouts of "Here is the Jewish doctor" (although he is only a medic for United Hatzalah, an Israeli emergency response agency, not a doctor) and received the hugs and kisses of the girl's father. A doctor at the hospital confirmed that his prompt first aid had saved the girl's life, and the girl's family conferred on him the title of "the Jewish Doctor Angel from Israel." You would probably have a difficult time todayconvincing that Arab girl and her family that the Zionists are devils who bear only ill will toward Arabs and Moslems.

How fitting that the medic's first name, Rachamim, means merciful!

What a contrast with the Palestinian Arab terrorist who used a bulldozer to reap havoc on Jaffa Street in Jerusalem. His victims included a wounded 6-month old girl, whose mother was crushed to death in her car.

United Hatzalah is a volunteer, non-profit organization of "first responders" to road accidents; rocket, artillery and bomb attacks and other terrorist incidents. "Hatzalah" means deliverance in Hebrew. Its volunteers were on the job today in Jerusalem, rendering first aid to the injured. (See the photo below.) Any one wishing to make a donation in honor of Rachamim Amos, or in memory of the slain victims of today's attack in Jerusalem, or for the merit of the recovery of the injured victims, may do so here.


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