Wednesday, May 07, 2008

60 Years Young: Happy 60th Birthday, Israel!

Sixty Years Young: In Israel, Memorial Day, commemorating the memory of those who have given their lives to defend Israel's existence, precedes Independence Day. Memorial Day, which this year fell on Tuesday night and Wednesday daytime, is marked by a moment at noon when sirens sound and the entire nation stops for a moment of silence. That somber atmosphere gives way at nightfall to the joyous celebration of Israel's indepencence. In Israel, the celebration of the 60th anniversary of her independence has begun. Pictured above, one of the newest Israelis, a Russian immigrant who arrived on Monday, shows his Independence Day spirit. Below, the lighted skyscrapers in Tel Aviv symbolize the prosperous modern state that the Jewish people have with the help of God built in Israel over the past six decades, despite almost constant war or threats of war.


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