Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Celebrate Israel's 60th Birthday--Send Pizza or Burgers to IDF Soldiers on Active Duty

Are you wondering how to celebrate Israel's 60th Independence Day, coming up on May 8th? Well, for my part, first I am expresssing my gratitude to God for allowing me to witness what for almost 2000 years my ancestors prayed for, the restoration of the Jewish people in their own land, the Land of Israel, under their own rule.

Then I will honor those men and women who through their devotion to duty and the assistance of Divine Providence have allowed the State of Israel, although surrounded by mortal enemies, to survive to its 60th birthday--the soldiers of the Israel Defense Forces. Join me by sending pizza, or burgers and soda, to IDF soldiers on active duty in the field. You can send gifts to a jeep patrol, a section (10 soldiers) or an entire platoon. All food gifts are strictly kosher. All deliveries are coordinated with IDF security. Payments may be made online securely by credit card or Paypal. According to the website, gifts of over $250 are U.S. tax deductible. (Why not smaller donations as well? Don't ask me--I don't know.)

I treasure a letter I received from an Israeli soldier, after he returned home from active duty, telling me how much it had meant to his unit when they returned tired and hungry from a difficult patrol, and found hot pizza waiting for them, a gift from an American Jewish family.


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