Sunday, May 04, 2008

Those Black-eyed Virgins of Paradise--They're Hot!

Islamist suicide bombers and like-minded terrorist "martyrs" are often described as having been "married" to the 72 black-eyed virgins of Paradise. The death announcements of such "martyrs" in the Palestinan press often take the form of wedding, not funeral, announcements. "With great pride, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad married the member of its military wing…the martyr and hero Yasser Al-Ashami, to 'the black-eyed,'" read one suicide bomber's death notice.

Well, it turns out that those 72 brides are not only black-eyed virgins, they are hot! Watch and listen as Saudi cleric Omar Al-Sweilem graphically extols the physical charms of the black-eyed virgins of Paradise. [MEMRI TV, Arabic with English subtitles provided by MEMRI.] It almost made me want to become a jihadist.


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