Monday, April 28, 2008

Ominous Sign: Iran and Sudan Military Treaty

Today's Sudan Tribune reports the ominous news that Iran and Sudan have entered into a full military cooperation agreement. (HT: Boker Tov, Boulder.)
As noted by JoshuaPundit, this treaty is part of an ongoing, comprehensive effort by Iran to spread its influence into the strategic horn of Africa and Central Africa. He writes:

"As I've noted previously, this is not the first time Iran has sought to extend its reach into Africa,using its Hezbollah proxy as a wedge. The Islamic Courts in Somalia are received assistance from Iran and Hezbollah, and Somali fighters from the Islamic Courts fought with Hezbollah against Israel in the last Lebanon War. This was part of a strategic jihad aimed at finishing off the resistance in Darfur, surrounding and marginalizing Christian Ethiopia and moving down into East Africa, where there are already substantial Islamist movements in Kenya and Tanzania.

"That plan was unexpectedly held up by the courageous efforts of the Ethiopian forces and their allies, who routed the Islamist forces and fought the jihadis to a standstill in Somalia.

"The new push by Iran involves a close strategic and military relationship with the jihadist regime of Omar al-Bashir in the Sudan, and an attempt to take over the neighboring country of Chad...and its oil and uranium."

The Sudanese-Iranian military pact is just one more sign that the next United States President will face the most daunting strategtic challenges, from Iran, from other Islamist forces, from Russia and from China. Who do you trust to be that U.S. President?


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