Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Meanwhile Back in the Apartheid State of Israel...

Meanwhile, in the Jewish State of Israel, labeled by Jimmy Carter and left-wing activists everywhere as an apartheid state, 440 Moslem Sudanese refugees have found refuge, working on Israeli farms and in hotels, as reported here by AP and the Los Angeles Times. Many of these refugees literally walked from Sudan to Israel, seeking a sanctuary that the Arab and Moslem nations they crossed would not offer them. Isn't it ironic that they knew that they would not be turned away by the Jews in Israel? In the photo above, a Sudanese girl at a youth center in Beersheva examines with curiosity the hair of a young volunteer from an Israeli Zionist youth organization, the very personification of the Israeli apartheid system. I suspect this little girl would be more wary of the Moslem Arab horsemen who raided her village in Darfur. Well, it's very nice that you are volunteering, young lady--just don't apply to a British university!


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