Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Fred Thompson: For Those Who've Drunk the Kool-Aid

This piece by Charlie Cook might be a good chaser. Excerpt:
Christopher Cooper in the Wall Street Journal [reports] that Thompson advisers hoped to use technology such as video uplinks so he wouldn't have to campaign as extensively as his rivals to get the nomination. Cooper writes that there are "signs that Mr. Thompson may adopt an unconventional campaign style -- limiting in-person appearances by making extensive use of blogging and online video."

In addition, an ABC News piece quotes a Thompson aide stating, "because of his name ID, he doesn't have to go diner to diner and church to church."

For folks who have been around politics for a while, statements and strategies such as these are flashing lights and warning signals that these folks think they've found a shortcut to the White House.

What a truly ridiculous notion.
Read the whole thing.


Blogger Devil's Advocate said...

Check out a Pro- Fred Thompson article I wrote titled, “We Need a Lazy Politician.”


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