Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Hamas and Fatah Fight Over Gaza

Having turned Gaza into Hell on Earth, Hamas and Fatah now battle for control of the netherworld. Reuters reports that prisoners captured by one side or the other have been shot execution style or thrown to their deaths off building rooftops. The Los Angeles Times reported that Hamas militia stopped an ambulance carrying a wounded Fatah leader, Jamal abu Jidian, to the hospital, and riddled him with 40 bullets.
The British academic unions who last week called for a boycott of Israel are silent, but probably not for long. They no doubt soon will pass a resolution blaming "Israel and the occupation" for the Palestinian civil war, even though the only Israeli solider in Gaza is kidnapped hostage Gilad Schalit.
For those who advocate the replacement of Israel with a binational state, this is a foretaste of what would occur if anyone were foolish enough to put such an utopian concept into effect. Palestinian Arab militias are murdering their fellow Palestinian Arabs, their fellow Muslims, in an armed struggle for political and financial control of Gaza, a veritable kingdom of the damned, where the fight is only over who receives millions of dollars of international aid. Would such people live in peace with the affluent Jewish population of a binational state? Not bloody likely.


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