Tuesday, June 05, 2007

British Anti-Zionism Reveals Its True Anti-Semitic Face

Vocal critics of Israel, espeically on the Left, always take pains to reject any charge that their criticism is anti-Semitic. "We are anti-Zionist, not anti-Jewish, they will avow." As Professor Alan Dershowitz, Dennis Prager and Michael Medwed, among many others have pointed out, when someone holds Israel to a standard of behavior that he or she does not apply to any other nation on earth, one may justifiably conclude that the critic is indeed anti-Semitic.

However, recently in the British Left all pretense of respectable anti-Zionism seems to have fallen away. As columnist Leo McKinstry (photo right) observes in the Daily Express of London, in a column entitled "SHAME ON THE LEFT AND ITS VICIOUS HATRED OF ISRAEL," the vocal supporters of recent boycotts of Israel by British academic and journalism unions revealed the true face of their Jew-hatred. Here are some excerpts from McKinstry's column:

Dressed up as criticism of the state of Israel, anti-Semitism is becoming not just tolerated but even fashionable in some of our civic institutions, including the universities and parts of the media. ...

What is particularly disturbing is the way opposition to the Jewish state descends into vicious antagonism against Jews themselves, as shown by this sickening recent outburst from writer Pamela Hardyment, a member of the National Union of Journalists, which in April voted to boycott Israeli goods.

Explaining her support for the NUJ’s stance, Ms Hardyment described Israel as “a wonderful Nazi-like killing machine backed by the world’s richest Jews”. 

Then, like some lunatic from the far-Right, she referred to the “so-called Holocaust” before concluding: “Shame on all Jews, may your lives be cursed.” ...

While they [Left-wing intellectual critics of Israel] scream about the Jewish state, they remain silent about human rights abuses carried out by brutal regimes across the world.

And it is ironic that, on the day the lecturers debated a boycott of Israel, they also voted to refuse to co-operate with any attempt to crack down on radical Islam on campuses, claiming such a move would be an infringement of free speech. 

Given some of the lecturers’ enthusiasm for silencing Israeli opinion such a position is laughable in its hypocrisy. 

United by anti-Semitism, the bigots of the academic Left and Muslim fundamentalism are destroying freedom of thought in this country.

Please read the entire column. (HT: Jewish Current Issues.)


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