Monday, February 12, 2007

Hamas Leader Says "Victory Over the Jews is Nigh"

Don't let the mainstream media or anyone else fool you into thinking that the agreement between Fatah and Hamas reached in Saudi Arabia last week means that Hamas has accepted the two-State solution to the Israeli-Palestinian dispute. JTA reports here:

Monday’s Al-Hayat, a London newspaper, quoted Hamas supreme leader Khaled Meshaal as saying that “Israel and its allies are at their most difficult hour, and victory over the Jews is nigh,” in reference to the Palestinian Authority unity government deal.
P.A. Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh of Hamas, who along with Meshaal signed the coalition agreements in Mecca with P.A. President Mahmoud Abbas of Fatah, reaffirmed that Hamas would not yield to international demands to recognize Israel or renounce terrorism.

The photo above right shows Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal, on the left, shaking hands with Palestinian Authority and Fatah head Mahmoud Abbas, at a meeting in Damascus, Syria on January 21, 2007. As Caroline Glick writes here, the only matter on which Hamas and Fatah reached agreement in Saudi Arabia, and which Meshaal and Abbas probably were discussing in Damascus with Syrian dictator Bashaar al-Assad as well, is the next phase of the Arab war to destroy Israel. They have even chosen a causus belli, worthy of the staged "Polish attack" used as a pretext by Nazi Germany to justify its August 1939 invasion of Poland. For the renewal of war against Israel, to unite the Arabs and Iran in support for the renewed fighting, and to garner support from the larger Islamic worlds, the Arabs have chosen the wholly fallacious charge that Israel is trying to undermine Al Aksa Mosque with an archeological dig that is 60 yards away from the Temple Mount. A complete fiction, of course, but the enemies of Israel hope that its emotional pull on Moslems will even force Egypt, Jordan and the Arab League (all of which have condemned the non-existent threat to Al Aksa) to acquiese in the forthcoming attacks. The campaign will include Arab rioting in Jerusalem and the West Bank, attacks on southern Israel by rocket and guerilla raids through tunnels, and renewed hostilities on the border with Lebanon, including missile attacks launched on northern Israeli cities and towns.

Despite the looming threat, Israel remains unprepared, with a government headed by the team that brought Israel the debacle of last July and August, Prime Minister Olmert and Defense Minister Peretz.


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