Friday, February 09, 2007

After Friday of Riots, Sheik Salah Calls for More

More unhappy Islamist protesters. After Arabs heeded the call of Sheik Salah for riots on Friday, the Moslem Sabbath, to protest Israeli archeological excavations near the Western Wall of the Temple Mount, Salah called for another day of rioting on Saturday, so as to ruin the Jewish Sabbath as well. For a Hedgehog backgrounder on what underlies the rioting, please see our prior post, "The Real Reasons Why Moslems Protest the Archeological Dig Near the Temple Mount." The critical matter for the reader to keep in mind is that the dig presents no threat whatsover to the Al Aksa Mosque, and the Moslem leadership knows that this is the case. The objectives of the Moslem leadership are purely and simply to demonstrate their control over the Temple Mount and to repudiate Jewish historical and national claims to the Temple Mount and Jerusalem. That is also why Israel cannot afford to placate the rioters by shutting down the dig.


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