Sunday, February 04, 2007

George Soros Calls For "De-Nazification" of the United States

George Soros told reporters at Davos conference on Saturday that "America needs to follow the policies it has introduced in Germany. We have to go through a certain deNazification process." Most of the MSM gave him a pass, but not Martin Peretz, publisher of The New Republic, who rakes Soros over the coals. Peretz marvels:
"No, you are not seeing things. He said de-Nazification. He is not saying, in the traditional manner of liberal alarmists, that the United States is now where Weimar Germany was. He is saying that the United States is now where Germany after Weimar was. Even for Davos, this was stupid. Actually, worse than stupid. There is a historical analysis, a moral claim, in Soros's word. He believes that the United States is now a Nazi country. Why else would we have to go through a 'certain de-Nazification process'? I defy anybody to interpret the remark differently. The analogy between Bush's America and Hitler's Germany is not fleshed out, and one is left wondering how far he would take it. Is Bush like Hitler? If it is "de-Nazification" that we need, then in some sense Bush must be like Hitler. Was the invasion of Iraq like the invasion of Poland? Perhaps. The more one lingers over Soros's word, the more one's eyes pop from one's head. In the old days, the Amerika view of America was propagated by angry kids on their painful way to adulthood; now, it is propagated by the Maecenas of the Democratic Party."
Peretz concludes:
"In the same conversation at Davos, Soros announced that he is supporting Senator Barack Obama, though he would also support Senator Hillary Clinton. So my question to both of those progressives is this: How, without any explanation or apology from him, will you take this man's money?"
While I certainly appreciate the Peretz condemnation of Soros's remarks, in asking the last question, Peretz forgets what conservatives know only too well--Being a leftie means never having to say you're sorry.


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