Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Sex, Lies, and Rahm Emmanuel

News reports like this one are springing up about the Democrats' knowledge of Mark Foley's inappropriate e-mails way back in 2005. Apparently the Democrats sat on the e-mails until just before the 2006 elections and then "shopped" them to the news media.

So at this point, this much has been established:

  • Mark Foley is a gay man who served in Congress "in the closet," and while there made e-mail advances to underage pages.

  • Both Republicans and Democrats knew about this.

  • Republicans kept it under wraps because they didn't want to lost Foley's seat.

  • Democrats kept it under wraps until they could profit from it politically, at which time they used it, cynically, to their maximum advantage.

  • Neither the Republicans nor the Democrats who knew about this cared one whit about the teenagers involved.

  • The Democrats' behavior is all the more appalling because they feigned outrage and disgust over Foley's antics, even though they did nothing about his behavior until they could profit politically.

  • Rahm Emmanuel, like his patron Bill Clinton, is a brazen liar.

  • All of these people are disgusting.

All of this may be why, in a USA TODAY/Gallup taken Friday through Sunday:

Only 15% of 1,009 adults . . . gave U.S. senators high or very high marks for
honesty and ethical standards. Only 14% did so for U.S. representatives.

If I were the father of a page involved, I'd be inclined to walk into some Congressional offices and punch a few noses, then see if any jury would convict me of battery. Not that I feel strongly about this or anything.


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