Monday, October 02, 2006

Article 6 Blog Interviews Mitch Davis of

Over at Article 6 Blog we've posted an interview that will interest anyone following the Republican field for the 2008 presidential election. The subject is Mitch Davis (left), the creator of, a "527" organization that's supporting Mitt Romney's candidacy for president.

Mr. Davis is an interesting man on several levels. I am not sure anyone else is doing what he is trying to do right now:

1. He intends to use the internet in ways I haven't seen used much yet, if at all- including "viral videos." I think this is going to be very big in campaigns going forward.
2. He's a filmmaker with real accomplishments.
3. Like Mitt Romney, he's LDS (Mormon).
4. He seems to be dedicated in the short term to improving the image of Mormons among evangelicals and others who, for religious reasons, don't view Mormons favorably. He wants to do this in the South, beginning in South Carolina.
5. He's done some polling in South Carolina, using Gary Lawrence of Santa Ana, a well-known and credible pollster. Our blog post links to a lot of info that Lawrence made available to us about the polls and the results.
This is rich material for political scientists and pundits to mine, and for readers like you! Please visit today's post.

By the way, Article 6 Blog has several other good interviews about presidential politics, religion, Mitt Romney, and related issues. Already posted are interviews with David Barton and Richard John Neuhaus. Our next one, now in transcription, is with John McIntyre of RealClearPolitics.


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