Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Palestinians Resume Rocket Attacks from Gaza, Hezbollah Continues to Rearm

There are ominous reports today on both of Israel's beleagured borders. In the south, the Palestinians have resumed its rocket attacks. A salvo of Kassam rockets launched today at the southern Israeli town of Sderot wounded one woman. Hamas is threatening to fire Kassam rockets deeper into Israel than ever before. "First they will hit Ashkelon," said Abu Ubaideh, spokesman for the Iz A-din Al-Kassam wing of Hamas, "and then we will act to ensure that they go further than that."

Meanwhile, Israeli Defense Minister Peretz reported to the Knesset that in the north, the recently fought war in Lebanon has strengthened the Hizbullah terrorist organization. Furthermore, Peretz reported that weapons and money continue to pour into Lebanon from Iran, earmarked for the Hizbullah.


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