Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Send Keith Olbermann Some Flower Seeds!

In the course of his incredibly unprofessional attack on fellow television jounalist Chris Wallace in yesterday's tirade, Keith Olbermann remarked:

"Mr. Clinton was brave. Then again, Chris Wallace might be braver still. Had I, in one moment, surrendered all my credibility as a journalist, and been irredeemably humiliated, as was he, I would have gone home and started a new career selling seeds by mail."

A caller on the Hugh Hewitt Show this afternoon suggested that the most appropriate response to Olbermann is to send him mail order seeds, to give him a start on his new career. It is a fabulous idea, and Radio Blogger is now promoting the project on his website. He suggests Thompson & Morgan as an easy and convenient online seed vendor, but any one will do. Thompson & Morgan is currently conducting a sale in which they add two free seed packets to every order, so with the purchase of just one seed packet, I was able to send Keith three!

Use your imagination on the flower selection. Given that Olbermann has become a wildman, I thought wild flowers were appropriate. I chose Foxglove, since Olbermann viciously attacked Fox News and its journalists. Wild pansy, pictured above, would also be an excellent selection.


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