Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Two Must-Read Columns By Caroline Glick

Caroline Glick is having a prolific week. In her first column, "the Pope's Message for Jewry," she analyses the furor over Pope Benedict's comments on Islam, and addresses the lessons that Jews should draw from the incident during this traditionally introspective period between Rosh HaShonah (the New Year) and Yom Kippur (the Day of Atonement).

In her second column, "Bush Administration's Insistence on Confusing Friends and Foes," she argues that the U.S. policy of treating Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Pakistan as great allies in the war against terrorism, and turning a blind eye to their contribution to global jihadism, sends a mixed message about the enemy. Here, I am less convinced that she is correct. True, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan sometimes seem to be playing a double game. However inconsistent that sometimes may make U.S. policy appear, there are both strategic and tactical reasons for the U.S. to put up with that situation, and preserve its relationships with both countries. Regarding Egypt, however repugnant the authoritarian nature of the Mubarak regime may be, it has been a bulwark against the ascendency of the Muslim brotherhood and other extremist Islamic groups.

Do Hedgehog readers agree with my take, or with that of Caroline Glick?


Anonymous BlueBuffoon said...

I agree with you Kosher Hedgehog, but I can see Ms. Glick's point. It is clearly easier to have a moderating effect on a "friend" than an outright enemy (and thus the U.S. indeed has an interest in making nice with so-called moderate Islamic states). However, we also do so at much peril, particularly if we simply expect that favors will automatically be reciprocated. There is precious little evidence that the U.S. is, in fact, exercising effective moral suasion with such "friends." The near universal outrage in Muslim quarters over the Pope's comments--especially from supposedly moderate places that seem not to ever have a voice against violence perpetrated in the name of Islam--lends support to Ms. Glick's position

Posted by BlueBuffoon

Wednesday, September 27, 2006 9:27:00 PM  

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