Tuesday, August 01, 2006

L.A. TIMES Continues Its Offensive Against Israel

The International Red Cross reports in a press release on July 30, 2006 that it recovered 28 bodies from the bombed out building in Qana, Lebanon, of which 19 were children. The loss of even one civilian life is a tragedy, but why is it that the international press, including our own Los Angeles Times, continues to report that the death toll in the incident was 56, exactly twice the number of bodies recovered by the Red Cross?

Then we had the headline from a July 29, 2006 article in the Times, unfortunately no longer available for free access, "Israel Rejects Peace Offer." The actual story was that Hezbollah had agreed to a Lebanese call for a ceasefire (not "peace") whose terms included an Israeli pullback across the border and an exchange of prisoners, which of course were the Hezbollah war aims when it launched the unprovoked attack into Israel that began the current fighting. That fact, and the further fact that Hezbollah retains as its policy the destruction of Israel, and would no doubt retain its armed militia, rockets and militia on Israel's border as well, somehow did not disqualify the once-sided proposed ceasefire terms as a "peace offer," which Israel had brazenly rejected.

If one needs any further evidence that in the eyes of the Times, Israel can never do anything right, here is a story from today's Times that, believe it or not, criticizes Israel for warning Gazans before launching missile strikes at their homes! It seems that the only thing that Israel would do that would satisfy the Times would be to roll over and die.


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