Monday, July 31, 2006

OPEN LETTER TO MARK STEYN: If My Son Becomes a Jihadist, Will the British Government Give Him Financial Support?

Only Mark Steyn cculd successfully blend a discussion of the wave of anti-Semitism stirred by the current Israeli-Hezbollah combat with a nostalgic reminiscence of a 1967 pop hit, "Cinderella Rockefeller." He does it here on SteynOnline.

That blend of disciplines, coupled with Steyn's knowledge of Bristish politics and culture, inspired me to write Mark the following open letter:

Dear Mark:

I am writing you as one of the few persons with proven expertise as an analyst both of the British political scene and the world of show business. Of course, there are many show business personalities who view themselves as experts on politics, but the results of their political activism usually proves that they were self-deluded.

Here is my problem. My son Nathan leaves shortly for London, to undertake a year of training at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art. He has taken out a student loan to cover the hefty tuition, and we will be paying his room and board in one of the most expensive cities in the world.

Now, I have noticed that Great Britain not only grants entry to Islamic Jihadists, but also provides them with financial support while they continue their jihadist activities in Britain. My son does not intend to engage in any anti-government activity while in England. Indeed, he admires Great Britain and loves all things British, especially of the cultural nature. He also has no criminal record and by nature would be unable to hurt another human being. But it would really help our family financially if he could obtain the sort of living support that the jihadists seem to enjoy while agitating against the British government and Western values, and fomenting terrorism. Do you have any suggestions regarding how Nathan can get on the gravy train?

Best regards,
Ralph B. Kostant


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