Thursday, October 13, 2005

Take The Children from The Room Before Watching This Video

Because it isn't pretty. After Hugh Hewitt finishes with poor Tucker Carlson, Tucker is looking, well, like a wet spot on the floor.

Actually, the video's very entertaining. Here it is; I recommend it heartily and without reservation.

And after you watch the video, read this piece by Ronald Cass. It is the most thoughtful and even-handed discussion of the Miers nomination I have seen yet.


Anonymous BlueBuffoon said...

Thanks, Hedgehog, for both the link to the video and the article.

HH's mature calm was a wonderful counterpoint to Tucker's hyperventilation (and if you need a stereotype of the Ivy League look and attitude toward those not in the club, I can't imagine finding one better than Tucker in his bow tie and college-look coiffure talking about and "all of his adult life"--and when exactly did that begin, Tucker?)

Professor Cass's article catches both the unfortunate tone that the conservative backlash has all-to-often assumed (at least from some quarters) as well as some of wrong-headedness of it.

As it has devolved and become more shrill, I'm coming to believe that some of the angriest critics have decided that, if President Bush is unwilling to have the fight with the Democrats that they anticipated (and apparently really, really wanted--probably as revenge for the Bork and Thomas inquisitions, and as some sort of salve for the wound that Justice Souter is in the consciousness of any conservative) they might as well fight it as an equally vitriolic "civil" war among the conservatives, not realizing how ultimately damaging the whole display is.

The only thing I can now credit the Coulters of the world (and even, much to my chagrin, Wills and Krauthammers) with is that they are very passionate about how important the issue is. Some of the rest of us, I think (even without the Ivy League, belt-way think-tank pundrity complex pedigree), understand at least equally well the importance of the issue, but refuse to believe that the conservative movement ought be engaging in such a self-destructive, let alone unbecoming, hissy fit.


Posted by BlueBuffoon

Friday, October 14, 2005 11:32:00 AM  

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