Sunday, October 09, 2005

Internal Debate at Power Line?

This is an interesting Power Line post. Scott Johnson continues to pick anxiously at Harriet Miers, and is distressed that Tom Harkin has made supportive statement. John Hinderaker then adds sweet reason to the discussion. I agree with John:

One basic question that I don't think has gotten enough attention is, why did President Bush nominate Miers in the first place? The answer, I think, is reasonably clear, and it's deeply ironic that conservative critics are wondering whether, given her lack of a paper trail, she will turn into another David Souter. I think that Bush is acutely aware that the Souter nomination was his father's worst and most avoidable mistake. I think that, as was widely reported, he liked John Roberts and was impressed by him during their relatively brief interview. But what grounds, really, does Bush have to trust Roberts? How does he know he won't "grow in office"? It seems pretty obvious to me that Bush selected Miers to make damn sure that at least one of his nominees won't drift to the left. He knows Miers well enough to know that she won't be seduced by Washington Post editorials and Georgetown dinner parties, as a number of Republican appointees have been. He doesn't think Roberts will be seduced, either, but he can't know for sure. Isn't it obvious that the reason Bush chose Miers instead of a better known, objectively better qualified nominee, is that he wanted to be absolutely sure of appointing a staunch and unwavering conservative?
Power Line is an important blog. If the current conservative meltdown is to be stopped, they and the other top center-right blogs will have to step up with more of Hinderaker's type of thinking.


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