Thursday, February 17, 2005

A Prophetic Utterance from Peggy Noonan


The kind of thing we'll see much more of.

As a timely follow-up to the post just below about the old news media and bloggers, Peggy Noonan gets deeply into the subject in today's Opinion Journal. A key 'graph:

Some publisher is going to decide that if you can't fight blogs, you can join them. He'll think like this: We're already on the Internet. That's how bloggers get and review our reporting. Why don't we get our own bloggers to challenge our work? Why don't we invite bloggers who already exist into the tent? Why not take the best things said on blogs each day and print them on a Daily Blog page? We'd be enhancing our rep as an honest news organization, and it will further our branding!
Indeed. Read the whole thing! If you're a blogger, it will make your day.

UPDATE: Some blog humor here about an unforeseen use of the new media.


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