Thursday, February 10, 2005

Notes from The Frozen Midwest


I'm busy with client hearings today in Chicago, so posting will be light.

Debra Saunders raises a disquieting concern about Republicans overplaying their hand. (Thanks to RealClearPolitics.)

An interesting blog I just found (but which is probably pretty well-known: Michael J. Totten. Read his diary-style account of Iraqi election night here.

I personally look forward to a long Howard Dean run as DNC Chair. Robert Kuttner, predictably, thinks Dean will help the Dems. Austin Bay thinks the Dems are headed toward the cliff. I tend to agree with Bay. Bill and Hillary Clinton will try to stop that and seem to have the clout to succeed. I find it morbidly fascinating to watch Hillary morph into a religious, pro-defense Lieberman-style Democrat. One thing we must recognize about the Clintons is their masterful ability to read political trends. As commenter BlueBuffoon notes, the important aspect of that ability is that not only do the Clintons read the trends, they then position themselves as if they have always supported those trends. Most good politicians do this, but the Clintons take it to a new level. It's a combination of astonishing brass (also called chutzpah) , cunning, and slickness. Bill is slicker then Hillary, but they two are cut from the same cloth.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"One thing we must recognize about the Clintons is their masterful ability to read political trends."

True, but what is frightening is their ability are to so easily "position" themselves as the embodiment of such trends--regardless of how much shape-shifting this may require--and get a pass from the media. I'm sure that a total lack of principle apart from a monomaniacal grasp for position, power and their perks helps in this crusade. I guess I'm from the fever swamp fringe of conservatism, but to me such posturing on the Clinton's part is only that, and that given the opportunity they will exert their considerable skills at implementing policies that are closer to the principles held by certain political elites in order to curry the favor that allows such chameleon changes to their facades. 

Posted by BlueBuffoon

Friday, February 11, 2005 9:29:00 AM  

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