Wednesday, February 16, 2005

The Established News Media's Response to Bloggers: To Ride The Wave of The Future, Or Swim Against It?


Many in the older, more established news media are reacting badly to the advent of blogging as a force in the world of news and public opinion. The most surprising and recent example is this Opinion Journal editorial. The Journal's editorial page is the last place conservative bloggers expected to see anti-blog comments. Kerry Spot summarizes another recent example of the Journal's lashing out.

This raises a question: Shouldn't the older news media recognize that blogging is here and will not go away, and is a force they should harness, not fight? At Poynter Online, Julie Moos makes some suggestions as to how newspapers and others can improve their product by making blogs part of their operations. No, I'm not talking about big news media co-opting blogs, which are far too ungovernable for that to happen; I'm talking about recognizing a new creature in the ecosystem and trying to find symbiosis.

UPDATE: Hugh Hewitt, not surprisingly, offers much more on this subject. We have not heard the last of this; in fact, we can be sure that this is only the beginning.


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