Sunday, February 13, 2005

A Reader's Report on Bush The Bumpkin

In response to a post below, "Could This Be Why President Bush Is So Admired by His Supporters?" reader pst314 comments:

I keep meeting liberals who (loudly) insist that supporters found Bush more likable in the sense that they saw him as being just like them: Stumbling, ignorant, uneducated and dull-witted, a redneck bumpkin standing at the other end of the barbecue and speaking in a fashion that suggests an IQ of about 75. (All this describes as precisely as I can the people I endured yesterday at what was supposed to be a discussion of trends in basic scientific research and where one was likely to see significant breakthroughs. Really.) That such comments might reveal more about their intelligence and character than about Bush does not seem to occur to them.
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