Tuesday, February 22, 2005

The Hollywood Conservative Forum

With great enthusiasm The Hedgehog Blog endorses the following initiative, which comes to us directly from Steve Finefrock, the initiative's author and prime mover. It's my understanding that Steve was inspired years ago by this statement from former Education Secretary and Drug Control Czar William Bennett:

I would give the people with whom I disagree the government, if I could give the culture to the people with whom I agree. I think it's probably in the long run much more important what happens on television and happens on the radio and what happens in the movies than what happens in the halls of Congress. The kind of country we have now and the kind of culture we have now owes a lot more, for good or ill, to the creative people in New York and Los Angeles than it does to the bureaucrats in Washington.
Here's Steve's announcement:

Push The Envelope, Please
Steve Finefrock
Founder, Hollywood Conservative Forum
aspiring movie tsar

This is a special PhoneBooth, for the once-true joke, that there are so few conservatives in Hollywood that they meet in a phonebooth, is no longer true. The conservative PhoneBooth is getting bigger. The list of serious conservative cinemaniacs in this town grows every week. Supporters of this concept have been gathering in my files for seven years -- very slowly at first, but now a "tipping point" is approaching. So it's time to push the envelope and grow this movement, soon. Very soon. With your help to a fellow conservative group right in Hollywood itself.

Four reliable conservatives have already suggested that the Next Step be taken:


And so we shall. And so shall you, as a six-month subscriber to the Conservative Cause in Hollywood. You are receiving this appeal thru a referral -- all those who've supported this effort over the past few years are passing along this special-issue of my periodic PhoneBooth column, to request a commitment for the next six months, on a monthly basis, to support HCF's kick-start.

Mission Statement of HCF

Simply put, Hollywood Conservative Forum seeks to be remembered for achieving in Hollywood's hostile world what Wm. F. Buckley did for conservative thought in Washington. D.C. And what Heritage Foundation did for conservative think-tank policy influence. And Newt's GOPAC did to conquer Congress. As talk-radio did to badger the news media into a bit less bias. And of course, what Fox News has done to correct some part of news bias. We want to be one step behind the newest factor in our favor, the blogosphere. Making us the Seventh Wonder of conservatism's resurgence in American politics.

HCF will find and recruit even more conservatives, and develop the mechanism to bring them together to MAKE CONSERVATIVE TV programs and MOVIES on the big-screen, which advance our values, and irritate the liberals' agenda.

Six Months: Be Present at the Creation

HCF is acquiring a website domain, with an experienced website designer and media mastermind, plus institutional support from groups who are awaiting this Tipping Point moment. In the past year we've seen the first-ever effort on our behalf, with three documentary films which counteracted Michael Moore's screed, "Fahrenheit 911" and more is being done in that vein.

This Oscar-award Sunday will see a march down Hollywood Boulevard by dedicated conservatives, to make this towne aware of red-state views, in support of four billboards in the area which reminds Hollywood that their rants actually helped Bush's re-election.
Nothing like this has ever arisen before. And a six-month commitment can fuel the fires, fire up the conservatives, and push-the-envelope in Hollywood. The tipping point is here.


For seven years, I've sought to find my own political kind -- it took a while, one here and one there for the first few years, and then more showed their true red-state colors. Once it was "safe" to speak among their own kind, conservatives began to gather. And are now speaking out. And soon, their number -- roughly a fourth [or maybe even a third!] of Hollywood's talented people -- will grow in public, and HCF will spend its time and energy and dedication to accelerate that process.


Find 'em, recruit 'em, and organize 'em into a force to make OUR KIND OF ART. And maybe make films and TV shows which will give our point of view to America, in time for the coming elections in '06 and '08.


Your contribution can be in any increment of $25 for each month of the coming six months. The "sustainer" quality is more important than the amount. To rely on support for a full six months is crucial, so there's no wild swings which make it hard to commit to projects here: showcases of scripts, venue costs for put on events, printing costs, and the rest that will need to be maintained for a solid six months to get attention of those who are awaiting our success.

Tipping Point!

It is here. If you can contribute $25 each month for six months, or $50, or $75, or [gasp!] $100, it will be used directly to support the activities to make HCF into a force that will force Hollywood to take notice. And assemble those who are inclined to help, but do not yet have a "focus" of their energy and talent. They are here! They are enough to make our kind of film and TV. And HCF will be the "Heritage Foundation" of Hollywood, the "National Review" of the leftcoast, the "GOPAC" of 90012.


Steve Finefrock managed the interagency training program for the National Response Team [NRT] for six years, preparing the nation for hazardous materials emergencies, including work with the Coast Guard, EPA, National Fire Academy and other agencies of the NRT. Preceded by six years at local emergency work for eighteen counties, he's taken that experience to Hollywood to get serious themes made by serious people. Management and leadership skills involving 'high octane' talent in the NRT will transfer to Hollywood, where the way in which we see such serious people depends on how they are portrayed on TV and in film.

His bona fides are described to you by the endorsement which accompanies this appeal.


First, if you are interested in being a participant at the creation of Hollywood Conservative Forum, reply to whoever sent this to you, and also to Steve Finefrock at movietsar@earthlink.net -- and if you are eager to get started, after notifying me of your commitment, you can forward your support to my address:

6550 Yucca #423
Hollywood, CA 90028.

Yep, that's in Hollywood, the beast itself. You'd be surprised how many conservatives there are, but need only a nexus to organize them. You'll be making a present to the creation of something significant, and your children can know you helped kick-start this little addition to the conservative revolution in Hollywood.

I thank you for whatever you can commit to contributing, each month, for six consecutive months. You will help us push the envelope, and grow the PhoneBooth, and irritate the liberals in Hollywood like they never dreamed. Make Michael Moore Mad! Bug Barbra Streisand! Not to mention Martin Sheen, Ed Asner, Whoopi Goldberg and Janeane Garofalo.
Now, that would be my kind of entertainment!

Regards and thanks for your help,

Steve Finefrock
founder, Hollywood Conservative Forum
6550 Yucca #423
Hollywood, CA 90028


Anonymous Anonymous said...

terrific presentation on CSPAN tonight from the Centers for American Studies! I wish I could pay your way, because You are so needed! Bravo!

Saturday, September 29, 2007 7:13:00 PM  
Blogger Georgev999 said...

Excellent. Went to the internet, got e-mail address and sent paypal funds.

Let's all get on board

Merry Christmas and Happy Hannukak

Saturday, November 24, 2007 2:26:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is so needed, are you no longer blogging, or did you move?

Thursday, September 25, 2008 8:31:00 AM  

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