Wednesday, November 03, 2004



Reader jae of Ohio (God bless the State of Ohio!) comments below:

I'm curious of your opinion of how this positions Hillary in 2008? We've
all seen or heard the wide speculation of her presidential ambition. If such an
overwhelming vote for a conservative, seemingly unpopular president [George
Bush] exists this time, do you think the chances are realistic for her
candidacy in 2008?

This is a very interesting question. My thoughts, which are worth about what you are paying for them: I expect Hillary to try to become a born-again conservative Democrat, along the lines the Democratic Leadership Council suggests. Whatever she does will be poll-driven.

What I wonder is whether she can get away with being a New Democrat from New York. Daniel Patrick Moynihan did, but Hillary does not have Moynihan's gifts. Not even close.

To me, the really interesting question is whether Hillary can overcome the deep reservoir of distrust and revulsion that millions of American voters feel towards her. I'm talking about the people who are absolutely horrified by the prospect of her serving as President of the United States. (I am one of those people.) I don't see it happening but the Clintons have a way of sliding past such opposition.

Right now, I'm enjoying the Bush victory.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

We're enjoying it too. :) :)

Even if someone with a bad case of sour grapes stole our Bush-Cheney yard sign overnight. I hope it's a nice souvenir for a great electoral victory. 

Posted by jae

Wednesday, November 03, 2004 2:31:00 PM  

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