Sunday, September 19, 2004

Kerry The Sports Fan: Just As Convincing As Kerry The Politician; And Other Thoughts

Check out this site called Football Fans For Truth. It lays out an pretty embarrassing aspect of the campaign that makes Kerry seem like a phony. He should take a lesson from Bill Clinton, who is not athletic and never pretended to be. That did not seem to hurt Clinton, that big loveable lug.

For example, If I threw a football like this I would sure as shootin' not invite anyone to photograph me doing it:

Now, as for the next photo, perhaps the sun got in Kerry's eyes. But he still looks, well, like an uncoordinated dork. (Sorry, more felicitous language eludes me at the moment.)

Finally, this link takes you to video of Kerry actually playing football with an unnamed college team during pre-season practice. Now, this one had to be set up, and that took some effort. Memo to Kerry campaign staff executives (whoever they are this week): Stop with the sports photo opps!

You need to read the whole page. It's short and really quite embarrassing.

CHANGE OF MOOD: Here is's latest ad. Watch it. You may be enraged. You may be disgusted. You may laugh, like my 14 year-old son did-- he thought it was simply pathetic. I really hope this ad gets air time in battleground states. It will drive hundreds of thousands of votes to Bush.


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