Saturday, September 18, 2004

Compare for Yourself

This graphic from the Washington Post compares an undisputed document from Jerry Killian's files with one of the forged documents pawned off on Dan Rather. I suppose hindsight is always 20-20 and all that, but this only makes it more obvious that several people at CBS turned a blind eye toward clear red flags.

Also, very uncharacteristically, my hometown paper, the L.A. Times, actually has some stories critical of CBS. In this one, the Times reports CBS's latest lame excuse: The White House did not challenge the documents, so "60 Minutes" went with them. If only the White House had said something, CBS says, they would never have used the documents.

Oh, man. Do these people have no shame?

The Times did not stop with that article. In this op-ed piece, entitled "Rather went on faith, not facts," Tim Rutten (a certified Kerry-loving liberal) comes down hard on CBS. There's some blather here about the SwiftVets, but all in all Rutten's criticism of CBS is unsparingly vociferous. A great read. This is not a partisan issue, and it's good to see the MSM hitting hard where they should.


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