Thursday, May 21, 2009

Concerned about the country's direction?

From Rasmussen:

Thirty-eight percent (38%) of U.S. likely voters believe the nation is now moving in the right direction, down slightly from a week ago and the first drop
since March. It’s too early, however, to say if it’s a trend in the making. . .
. Women remain more optimistic than men this week. While 41% of women say the nation is heading in the right direction, just 34% of men agree. Sixty-one percent of men say the country is heading down the wrong track, compared to 51% of women. Optimism among black voters jumped four points to 70% this week, which is over twice the number of white voters who say the nation is heading in the right direction.
I am not an Obama fan but am not trying to make any point with this. It's just interesting information. Just because people think the country is not moving in the right direction doesn't mean they don't like the president or what he is trying to do. They're probably mainly worried about the way things are going generally.

I know I am. And it's primarily because of Barack H. Obama.


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