Friday, November 03, 2006

"Brave" Palestinian Gunmen Hide in Mosque, Use Women as Human Shields, Then Escape Disguised as Women

Palestinian "freedom fighters" showed their moxy in Beit Hanoun today. Beit Hanoun is the town in northern Gaza from which over 300 rockets have been launched at the nearby Israeli town of Sederot. The Israeli Defense Forces attempted to stop the rocket attacks by entering Beit Hamoun. Palestinian militia took refuge in a mosque (apparently a school or hospital being unavailable) and fired on the Israeli troops from their sanctuary. A 19-hour standoff followed, the Israelis being reluctant to fire on a mosque. Using loud speakers all over Gaza, Hamas called for women to come to the mosque and serve as human shields to protect the gunmen. Hundreds of women responded. When the Palestinians opened fire from behind the women, the Israelis fired back. At least two of the women were killed and 10 wounded. In the melee that followed, the gunmen escaped in the crowd of fleeing women. Reporters spotted at least two of them disguised as women.

Saladin would be proud.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did they quickly forget about the glory of dying for the cause of jihad when they were caught in the foxhole? Seems just a little cowardly.

Posted by Joel Bain

Saturday, November 04, 2006 8:11:00 PM  

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