Sunday, October 29, 2006

Victor Davis Hanson on Mitt Romney

I'm sure that after the 2006 mid-terms discussion of the 2008 hopefuls (and Mitt Romney's "religion issues") will become very active. Romney has attracted the attention of Victor Davis Hanson, a man whose thinking on today's issues I actually revere:

The Hoover Institution has been hosting Presidential hopefuls. The latest visitor was Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney who spoke to, and received questions from, the Senior Fellows yesterday. For about one hour, he heard some tough inquiries, answered without notes, kept his cool, and talked analytically rather than in platitudes. I was impressed, and came away thinking that being a conservative governor in Massachusetts must have sharpened his debating skills and given him insights about dealing with the therapeutic mindset. I don’t know what he thought of us, but most of us thought him quite impressive.

(HT: Power Line.) Just wait until the mid-terms are over. The presidential arena is going to get very busy very soon.


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