Friday, October 27, 2006

Victor Hanson Asks Whether the West is Returning to the Dark Ages

"The most frightening aspect of the present war is how easily our pre-modern enemies from the Middle East have brought a stunned postmodern world back into the Dark Ages. "

With those chilling words, Victor Davis Hanson warns that the struggle against radical Islam is a life-or-death struggle for Western Civilization. Recent events teach us three lessons, he explains:
" First, the Western liberal tradition is fragile and can still disappear.

"Second, the Enlightenment is not always lost on the battlefield. It can be surrendered through either fear or indifference as well.

"Third, civilization is forfeited with a whimper, not a bang. Insidiously, we have allowed radical Islamists to redefine the primordial into the not-so-bad."

Read his entire column here.


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