Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Boston Globe-Mitt Romney Update

Thanks to frequent Hedgehog commenter Blue Buffoon, who offers the following report from Utah on the Mitt Romney-Boston Globe-LDS Church stories of the last few days:

Predictably, the Utah media are jumping all over the Globe's story, but in the process shedding more light on what really happened than either the Globe knew or was willing to report, as well as some local takes on the "Mormon Question" and a Romney candidacy.

The Salt Lake Tribune this morning (front page, above the fold in the print edition)demonstrates the real source of the correction against the BYU Management School administrators who too eagerly jumped aboard promoter Don Stirling's effort. A print-edition caption to a graphic of the e-mail, which I didn't find at the on-line version, makes clear that a BYU Management alum sent his warning to BYU's General Counsel Office the day he got the e-mails, essentially derailing the Globe's that their article triggered the actions taken at BYU. Not surprisingly to this observer, the tone of the Tribune's coverage is not much different from the Globe's even while giving more facts and acknowledging the LDS Church's position.

The Deseret Morning News (Salt Lake City) reports here and here, the latter reporting Senator Hatch's assertion, in comments to KSL-TV, that this as a "smear" attempt.

KSL-TV has more here, including Hatch's, and a local political pollster's, ruminations on the effect of polls showing voters unwilling to vote for a Mormon, and here.

The Salt Lake City Fox News affiliate uses the Globe story as the jump-off point for this video clip story, interviewing Utah Law professor, Ed Firmage, and local pollster, Dan Jones, on how they feel Romney's Mormonism will hurt his campaign for president.

Blue Buffoon really ought to start up a blog. He's good at this sort of thing. For more information about the Romney-Globe kerfluffle, go to Article 6 VI Blog.


Anonymous BlueBuffoon said...

Thanks, Hedgehog. I have been thinking about a blog, but worrying about how much time I'd end up pouring into it at the expense of other things I need and ought to do!

Since you're indulging (humoring?) me, let me share a humorous side note to this kerfluffle for those unfamiliar with Utah politics.

Kem Gardner, identified as a friend of Mitt's in the current news reports, actually ran as a Democrat for governor of Utah. As noted here (scroll down to "This Week's Buzz"--meaning February, 2005), Mr. Gardner was Mitt's guest at last year's Salt Lake County Lincoln Day fundraiser. The quip by Mitt provides a good guage of how tenuous Mr. Gardner's good graces with Utah Democrats may be right now (and his own sense of humur), as well as Mitt's grasp on the fact that Utah is, in fact, the reddest state in America:

"One of Romney’s guests was Kem Gardner, a conservative Democrat who once ran for governor. Romney joked that he asked Gardner to give the invocation, but Gardner declined, saying, 'I don’t want the Lord to know I’m here.' In Utah, Romney said, 'Republicans are real Republicans and a lot of Democrats are, too.'"

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Tuesday, October 24, 2006 9:22:00 PM  

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