Sunday, October 29, 2006

Israeli Tour Itinerary for Mel Gibson

Michael Medved reportedly has recommended that Mel Gibson (pictured at left with a friend, and what a friend he has in him) visit Israel as part of the repentence process for his anti-Jewish rant following his arrest for drunk driving. One of my favorite Jerusalem Post columnists, Barbara Sofer, has her recommendations for Gibson's itinerary here. Ms. Sofer forgets, however, that the name "Udi Goldwasser," mentioned in her column, may not be as familiar to her foreign readers as it is to every Israeli. Udi Goldwasser was one of the two soldiers kidnapped by Hezbollah in the July 12 across-border attack that triggered this past summer's war in Lebanon. His fate, and that of his fellow hostage, Eldad Regev, is still unknown. One should not be too hard on oneself if one has forgotten their names. The rest of the world seems to have forgotten them as well.


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