Sunday, September 24, 2006

Two Hard-Shell Bush Critics Thoughtfully Analyzed

Jennifer Senior has written a review of the following two new new books by Angry Left authors:

Notes on the Criminal Folly of the Bush Administration
By Lewis H. Lapham


Chronicles of a Radical Regime.
By Sidney Blumenthal

Here's a taste:
Now, just in time for the midterm elections, the collected columns of two passionate Bush critics, Lewis H. Lapham and Sidney Blumenthal, are landing in bookstores. Both, to varying degrees, suffer from a distorting case of Bush-phobia. . . .

The left has often complained that what it needs isn’t polite speech, but voices as pungent as those on the right. Maybe so. But even the angriest people on the right tend to be funny. Books like this one are a depressing reminder of how important it is for writers to have a slight sense of humor about themselves, if they want to be taken at all seriously.
The whole thing is really worth a read.

(HT: InstaPundit.)


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