Sunday, November 06, 2005

A Reservist's View of His Service in Iraq

Thanks to Viet Pundit for his links to State of Flux, a blog by Minh Duc, an American of Vietnamese heritage who served in Iraq as a reservist. Three posts are must-reads:

1. This one was written on the day the Iraqi Consitution passed.

2. Minh Duc's earlier post, on the occasion of the second anniversity of the fall of Baghdad, candidly reflects on the entire experience here. There's no sugar-coating on this one either.

3. For an example of the sheer first-hand information and unique insights that are impossible to get anywhere outside the blogosphere, nothing can beat this post, entitled "Band of Brothers." It's about Minh Duc's experiences with Lieutenant Colonel Khaki, the commander of the 206th Iraqi National Guard (ING) Battalion. The description of how the ING developed during Minh Duc's time in Iraq is alone worth the read.


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