Saturday, November 05, 2005

The Radio Blogger Blog of The Week: Vote for Holy Coast

If you read this blog regularly you know I am not shy about taking up a candidate's cause. Until now I've campaigned only for political candidates, but this time I'm recruiting voters for a blog - Holy Coast, which is one of the candidates for Blog of The Week on the Hugh Hewitt-affiliated Radio Blogger site. Holy Coast is run by my fellow Southern California Blogger Alliance member, Rick Moore.

Rick's post, about an astonishing bit of bad judgment at U.C. San Diego, is simply superb. It's here. If you agree, go to Radio Blogger and vote for the Holy Coast entry.

I'm afraid there is a nasty competitive backdrop to this campaign. You see, another of my fellow SCBA members, John Schroeder, who runs Blogotional, challenged another so-called "alliance" to a war in the Radio Blogger" Blog of the Week competition. The other alliance is named Minnesota Organization of Bloggers, or "MOB." Hereafter we will call them simply "TOA," for "That Other Alliance." We were thinking of calling them "The Frosted Few," but decided to be a little kinder.

Members of TOA have won Blog of The Week twice. That is plenty of wins for a bunch of people to whom the word "summer" means one week in early July. (We Southern California Bloggers Alliance guys like to rub it in about the weather. Did I mention that I harvested a half dozen tomatoes from my garden today while I was cleaning my pool? I love these sunny 78-degree days in early November. Hey, TOA members-- do you even have swimming pools up there?)*

Don't let the Blog of The Week go to the land of Paul Bunyan. Keep it here in the home of the Beach Boys! Vote for Holy Coast! Vote now, and vote often! Vote here!

*Of course we are just kidding about all this-- except for the part on voting for Holy Coast.


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