Monday, October 31, 2005

Joe Wilson-Related Quote of The Day

"[O]ne must be forgiven for wondering what any of this gigantic fuss can possibly be about. I know some apparently sensible people who are prepared to believe, still, that a Machiavellian cabal in the White House wanted to punish Joseph Wilson by exposing his wife to embarrassment and even to danger. So strong is this belief that it envisages Karl Rove (say) deciding to accomplish the foul deed by tipping off Robert Novak, one of the most anti-Iraq-war and pro-CIA journalists in the capital, as if he were precisely the pliant tool one would select for the dastardly work. And then, presumably to thicken the plot, Mr. Novak calls the CIA to confirm, as it readily did, that Ms. Plame was in the agency's employ."

--Christopher Hitchens in today's Opinion Journal


Blogger Charlemagne said...

Sounds reasonable to me, Mr. Hitchins. Hitchens sets up his straw man using overwrought terms such as "gigantic fuss" and "Machiavellian cabal." Stripped of these meaningless embellishments, here is what critical thinkers are concerned about: The evidence appears (at least more probably than not) to demonstrate that the White House deliberately disclosed Ms. Plame's identity as a CIA agent in response to her husband's criticisms of Bush's use of the phantom effort by Iraq to buy Uranium from Niger as support for his decision to attack and occupy Iraq. Moreover, the evidence appears to show that as Bush was using the purported Iraq effort to buy uranium from Niger as support for the war, he knew that the story was untrue. Indeed, the supporting documents have conclusively been shown to be forgeries.

As Michael Kinsley writes today in Slate, Fitzgerald is an unusually disciplined and fair prosecutor. Yet the evidence has led Fitzgerald to the conclusion that there is probable cause to believe that Scooter Libby lied about leaking Ms. Plame's identity to the press. As Kinsley also notes, the legal conceit that prosecuters and courts presume Libby's innocence should not deter the White House from offering an explanation in response to this troubling evidence, which, tellingly, it has not done.

Call it a "gigantic fuss" or alleged "Machiavellian cabal," Mr. Hitchins, but these are the facts, and they raise serious questions about Bush's judgment in leading us to war against Iraq.

Posted by Charlemagne

Friday, November 04, 2005 3:33:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is classic liberal dissembling; talk about "facts" but never present any. I wouldn't be bucking for a spot on Air America, Charlemange, there's almost no future.

These are the facts I'm aware of:
The non-partisan Annenberg Fact Check disputes Mr. Wilson's main point  (Bush lied, bush lied....). If you don't consider Annenberg reliable (after all, Cheney once uttered their name), hit the original source: The Senate Committee on Intelligence

The solidly liberal Washington Post notes the Mr. Wilson's status as a whistleblower is "unwarranted."

The CIA has never confirmed that Valerie Plame "WMD" Wilson was undercover in the last five years or had her identity being actively  protected.

As far as Kinsley's opinion that Fitzgerald is a disciplined prosecutor, I can only wondwer how he justified an endictment concerning statements on a case that had no crime committed. I'm not a lawyer, but my Dad is, and one cannot prosecute for perjury unless an actual crime is being concealed or obfuscated. That's a kind of "discipline" we haven't seen since Clinton was president. 

Posted by nanobrewer

Wednesday, November 16, 2005 2:16:00 PM  

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